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stray_arrow_cut's Journal

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Making icons
Fruitstyle designs
by Malionette

s t r a y { A R R O W S }i'm joss and i love to make icons for final fantasy but i also make icons for anime and manga. i used to be calibabewv but I decided to make a more professionally named journal.


→ F A Q S and R U L E S
» no hotlinking please, folks!
» no claiming as your own!
» credit stray_arrow_cut if you can

Do you take requests?
» Yes. I'll take any requests so long as you provide the images and they meet the required standards
» IF you make a request please provide High Quality images(or close to it, please).

Can you color Manga panels for Icons?
» I've done it once or twice, but I can surely try. ^_^
Will you make icons for couples/characters you don't like?
» Haha, yes. Of course I will! It won't bother me. ;)
Will you take wallpaper requests?
» Of course I will!
Will you still take a request if it's NSFW?
» Yes. I won't mind. If an image is too... hardcore I'll let you know. But for the most part it's okay. I'm an adult. ;)